Cucina Italiana


The LA CAVA concept is based on Armando’s roots.

Born and Raised in Florence, he grew up learning that as a local, one would go dining in the little Osterias where everything was made fresh daily, prepared with basic ingredients, simple recipes, delightful flavors and lots of love, for a fantastic experience that was also “gentle” on your wallet.

The Osterias, operated by hands-on proprietors, are places where the neighbors and friends gather with their families, creating an ambiance that is “home”.  Armando has been involved in the ownership and hands on operations of Italian restaurants both in Italy and here in Los Angeles for the past 25 years. Armando comes from a great school of operations and he believes in the classic style of a simple but impeccable Italian cuisine… Bon Apetito!

“At its best: A welcome, unpretentious neighborhood gem”

Daily News Los Angeles

“La Cava Shines with a taste of Tuscany in Sherman Oaks”

Daily Find

“..a contemporary spot serving classic, unfussy Italian fare that I, for one, could happily consume most nights of the week”


“Regulars say La Cava is as close as you can get to authentic Italian fare in this neck of the woods”

Ventura Blvd